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Source of Deceit

Anna Jones, correspondent for the New York Daily Journal, is covering the apparent suicide of World Bank Executive Director Nou Channarong, when a key source on the story also turns up dead. Pursuing the truth—and a scoop—Anna follows a lead to Miami, where the trail points to Thailand. Meanwhile, the two deaths throw Nou's associates at the Bank into chaos, as covert operatives in Bangkok and rebels in Chiang Mai and Myanmar also scramble to adjust to the new realities. Despite threats to her life and livelihood, Anna is determined to get to the bottom of the story. Only by facing her nemesis Raven Garcia and confronting her long-distance boyfriend Viktor Simonson can she decipher the lies and the spin.


Praise for Source of Deceit:


"A highlight for anyone interested in an intelligent novel."

—Pilar Wolfsteller, Journalist



—Mark G., English Teacher


"Taut, tense, ingeniously crafted... Sizzling."

—The Prairies Book Review


"A much needed and perfectly safe escape from your pandemic world."

—Susan Hines, External Affairs Director


"Delightful, deceiving, and whip-smart." 

—Kevin Barrett, Programmer & Novelist


"Really brilliant! Absolutely love the style! Great that the main character is a woman."

—Elisabeth Binder, Journalist


"Suspense thrillers don’t get any better!"

—Michelle H., App Developer


"I love how the Anna Jones character from Agents of Suzharia has become the star of Source of Deceit."

—Renee Catacalos, Author of The Chesapeake Table: Your Guide to Eating Local


"Even if you don’t usually read spy novels, you’ll get sucked into this international story of intrigue and suspense and won’t want to put it down. I know, because that’s what happened with me. "

—Donna Chacko, Doctor & Blogger


"New twists and turns in every chapter—a thrilling page-turner "

—Joe Roos, Pastor and Activist


"A smart thriller for smart people who enjoy knocking off a couple of martinis while taking a break from Henry James. Meet journalist Anna and her frenemy Raven who must join forces to solve an international scandal that ranges from DC, to Miami to Thailand. Take it to the beach and you'll forget about the waves"

 —Kimberly D. Schmidt, Historian & Author of Magpie’s Blanket


Praise for Agents of Suzharia:


"Fast-paced and smart international suspense novel."

—Pittsburgh Pediatrician, Amazon reader


"A gripping mystery that follows an unpredictable path." 

—Don Felipe, Amazon reader


"This strongly plotted, suspenseful first novel is a treat."

Philippa Gasnier, Amazon reader


"This is a fast-moving, contemporary thriller that is hard to put down. The story is supported by a firm grasp on the work of international correspondents and investigators, and by realistic depictions of foreign places, such as Hamburg and Moscow. A great read."

—Amazon Customer


"Just when you think that you're at its peak, it takes a turn and keeps going."

—Kelley Donner, Amazon Reader


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