Wolf Bahren is the pen name used by Kristi Bahrenburg Janzen for her fiction.


Kristi has been a writer and editor for as long as she can remember, including working as foreign correspondent, reporter, managing editor, editor, freelancer, fact checker, and PR & marketing consultant. As a journalist, she has covered international finance, business, trade, economics, agriculture and food. On the fiction side, Kristi is currently releasing her second espionage thriller, Source of Deceit, in serial format via her blog (available on this website). In 2016, she self-published Agents of Suzharia under her own imprint Pigeon Post Books.


Kristi has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Cornell and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia. She considers the lessons she learned from growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY,  working odd jobs, traveling, listening to others, and living her life as important as her formal education. Now the mother of three, she credits her children with teaching her countless lessons as well. Prince George's County, Maryland has been her home for more than twenty years.  


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